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If you have the venue - we have the Band. Early booking is essential so don’t delay.





Just a couple of quick questions for you guys. Just returned home from your Hartlepool show and wanted to make the night longer - have you got any more plans for DVD’s or even a live sound recording? Thanks for a great night DAVE MCDOUGALL - Hartlepool 10/11


Hi Dave and thanks for the nice comments! Re your questions, both a live 2 disk DVD and a Live audio recording are on the cards for next year. Stay tuned! SO


Wanted to ask what effects Ted uses on his pedal board, and also if you could describe how  to get the “howling sound” in the middle of Echoes that would be great. Probably your best show at the Customs House last week. Shine On! COLIN HYDE - Castletown 11/11


You will be pleased to discover a whole section devoted to Ted’s pedal board on his profile page. You can access this by clicking on the PERSONNEL button at the top of each page, then selecting Ted’s picture. Regarding the “howling sound” from Echoes that is a trade secret known only to those - well - in the know for want of a better phrase. Sorry :) SO


Any chance of hearing ONE OF THESE DAYS or anything from Umma Gumma in 2012? LYN SHORT - Bishop Auckland 11/11


Well it’s not out of the question Lyn. We are constantly updating the set and we did used to include One of these Days in the first set about 2006, I think. SO


Is there any way you could supply me the music for the little acoustic track you play just before Comfortably Numb? Thank you in advance. Please come back to Stirling soon!!!  LUKE HAYES - Stirling 11/11


Thank you Luke. We have approached Stirling for a re-booking in 2012. Will keep you informed. The guitar tablature for the piece you requested is in your inbox. Enjoy. SO


Just a quick word about seeing a dutch tribute to pink floyd at steels last night. Why do Bands and landlords of pubs do themselves no favours by exagerating the ability of their bookings? Very average. I have heard bands playing floyd who arent even tributes do a better job. Disappointed cant wait to see Shine On next year. ANDY BROWNSWORD - Blackhall 12/11


Well sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy the band Andy. There are many Pink Floyd Tributes as you know. Some good. Some not-so-good. Better than a night in watching telly though I bet?  :)   SO







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