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The closest thing there is...

  • There is a requirement to do this job well. And we do try.
  • Consistency in performance is essential.
  • We play it like it is; not our version. What you hear at the gig is what you hear on your system at Home. Simple.

Some of the things you’ve told us :)

Please scroll through some of the comments from the past 14 years....

Just wanted to say what a fantastic show at Hartlepool Town Hall - reawakened my interest in an album I knew but hadn't heard for a long time - thank you. Ian Armour

Unbelievable playing last night - you guys are something else - great renditions of Pigs and Sheep - no other Floyd Trib has played these songs that I know of - and Ive seen most of them. A joy to hear. Les Hufford

Once again you showed why you are the number 1 Tribute. Your Animals show was some of the finest musicianship I've heard ever. Attention to detail was astounding and I was close enough to now happily play the chords to Dogs AT LAST! Cheers! Kenny Dalton

I am currently working on Tyneside and several of us attended your South Shields show last week. I had heard great things about you guys but honestly - nothing does justice other than seeing the show for yourself. I live in Edinburgh so I will be at your Glenrothes show in June. Outstanding ability. Ed Wilmshurst

I have to say after seeing your Customs House show what a fantastic night was had by all - you guys worked your butts off but what a show! After witnessing the Aussies destroy my favourite music recently I was dead against seeing another tribute - but you guys are really up there. Long Live Shine On. Jim Donagher

Hi Shine On - I wanted to write after witnessing my first show of yours at The Customs House in South Shields. My Husband and 2 sons travelled with me from Leicester to see the show after my Brother in law told us about you - we were not disappointed! Thank you so much for playing the Animals album - it has always been my favourite though none of the other tribs I have seen have had the skill to play it. Please please please can you find a gig near us? I promise you a great crowd and a fantastic reception! Alison & Kirk, Dean and Oliver Stubbs


Words fail me/us to accurately describe your performance last night; incredible does not do it justice. We are all coming up to the Customs House on March 9th. Hats off to you all. Daniel & Barbara Becker

PIGS! Supeeeeerbbbbbbb! Cant wait to hear the rest of the Animals album, my personal favourite and often overlooked! Only Shine On could pull it off and you certainly did that last night. See you in Redcar in May! K Dowding

I have seen the band on 3 occasions now but last night was the best so far. As a guitar player of many years I really appreciate the work that Ted and Fletch put in during the gig - nothing is left out and everything is so well played. You guys have inspired me to give learning the guitar another go - thanks for everything. Alan Reynolds

You guys outdid yourselves last night - and finally settled a long running dispute that we have had about the best trib to Floyd. We can now name and shame MARK FARRIDAY, let us explain. We all went to see Aussie Floyd a few years ago. and then most of us got to see you at Helmsley in 2004. Mark couldn't make it and has been working away ever since and he refused to believe that there was a better tribute than the Aussies. Well, he now works from home and so was able to join us for your gig in the Boro last night. Needless to say, he was on the phone first thing this morning proudly boasting about acquiring tickets for the South Sheilds show next month and regretting his late arrival into your fan club. Thanks for a stunning gig! See you in South Shields. Chris Shotton, Andrew Stableford and Mark Farriday

After witnessing yet another new Floyd "tribute" recently, I felt I should write and say exactly how much Shine On mean to all us true Floyd fans; you are the only Tribute who actually seem to have a clue as to what Pink Floyd were about - in every department. We have tickets for 3 shows this year so far and can't wait to hear the Animals stuff - way to go! Alan Wilkinson Dave Scott and Andrew Lawlan

Your 3 Tuns show was a spectacular feat - superb. Kelly & Don

Cant wait for your Redcar Bowl Show in May - can you play Animals? E Campbell

Thank you for making 2006 so very special for all PF fans. More!!! Fiona & Ian McKay

I was not a huge Pink Floyd fan when I saw you guys at Helmsly this year - but I am a huge Shine On fan now! Its' still difficult for me to decide whether Im listening to Floyd or you guys when I just listen to the soundtrack of the DVD - but to me you guys rock and you're all local! Vivien Carr

Cant believe how well you guys played as a 5 piece on Friday - just goes to show it does all boil down to the playing and not "the show". Inspired! P Smith

There is only 1 Pink Floyd and after the death of Syd Barrett recently, we will never see them again. There are many "tributes" to Pink Floyd - all well intentioned. There is only 1 Shine On for us - the closest thing there is to Pink Floyd - period. Barry West & the West Family

Wanted to write and congratulate you guys on an outstanding live show at Redcar Bowl in November (2006). Having experienced the band on several occasions now I can say hand on heart this was your best show yet. We CANNOT WAIT for the Customs House in March as we have already secured tickets well in advance. More! More! More and More! Eddie Statten

Having worked in the entertainment industry for over 30 years I wanted to thank the members of Shine on for making an old hippy very happy. Your Best of 2005 DVD is an astonishing record of your tribute to my favourite band of all time. John Constantine

Once again you lads and lasses left us spellbound at Helmsley. After your first show in 2004 we vowed to see you again and you did not disappoint when we did so! I dont know how you manage to achieve what you do - but Im glad you can! Come to Wales! Ian Bale

Just downloaded all of your videos from Google - you guys kick ass! We have 2 or 3 tributes here in Brazil but nothing close to you guy's. From Brazil THANK YOU Alexjandro Paolo Castanjalmo

We have made it our business to see 4 or 5 PF tribs, yourselves included, in 2006. Having seen the real thing on several occasions we are now in a position to share our thoughts. Best Band ever: Pink Floyd. Second best band ever: Shine On. Jimmy Harrison Geoffrey Cardew & Alistair Brooks combined age 146!

The most exciting night out we've had in years - and in Redcar of all places!!! Go figure! Vikki, Claire, Sue & Karin

Saw you guys at Middlesbrough Theatre, am coming to Dolphin Centre as well. Incredible show - great musicianship. BRAVO!!

Kev Steele

Saw you guys at the Office - incredible show cant wait for the City Hall. At last a Pink Floyd tribute that does what it says on the tin. WTG.

Kev & Shauna Cassidy

Met up with you at the Office and am coming to Darlington and Hartlepool. I agree with the general consensus - you guys are by far and away the best of the PF tribs... and I've seen most of 'em.

Aiden Foster


Andy Jackson

We think you guys rock! Have seen you 3 times so far - best was at Durham University.

Karen Black & Vanessa Stobart


Doug Naylor

Just wanted to say that was the most polished performance by a Band Ive seen in a long time. Great venue as well!!

Eric Cook

Thankyou to Shine on for a great gig at the Three Tuns last week. I was at the gig and I can honestly say I was blown away. You guys are amazing; the work you have put in is plainly obvious to me ( and everyone else ).

As a musician myself, I pride myself that I understand the conditions of playing live and you guys really did a superb job.

Dean Sawyer

Let me tell you that this Band are far and away the best Floyd outfit I have seen. I have now been to 4 gigs and am planning to attend EVERY gig they do this year.

F Harrison

Just wanted to say we thought your gig at darlington was MEGA!!! The other Floyd tribs may as well give up now. "Theres no sensation to compare with this..."

Robert Dawson

The friends I originally heard from about you guys, I believed were exaggerating. Now I think they didnt go far enough! Dark Side was spectacular to say the least but my favourite of the night has to be Sorrow, or High Hopes. Or Wish you were here. Or On the turning away. Or Mother. OK, I love them all!

Dave & Yvonne Shields

To me - the general concept of the Tribute act is flawed - it can never match the original article ( we've all tasted ASDA baked beans ) but to continue the analogy - imagine someone put Heinz Beanz in a tribute tin - there goes Shine On. Man this is good gear. Donald Carr

Made it to the Dolphin Centre and was absolutely blown away... you guys are without doubt the dogs bollocks!!! I was going to get my Aussie Floyd tickets for April but instead I bought 6 tickets for your City Hall show!!! Ive seen them twice and they are OK - but given the choice - well - we'd rather come and see you guys!

Doug Thompson

Gig was INCREDIBLE - better than I had even hoped after hearing all the good reports... I have the CD and the Shirt = and my City Hall tickets.

Ed Wright


Danny O'Connor

way to go Shine on you guys really showed how it should be done at Hartlepool the other night. Incredible stage show but wow the music was unbelievable - best song of the night was Run like hell.

Brendan Armstrong

It's no wonder you guys have the reputation you have - there is no comparison. After seeing O** T** W*** in Boro the other week I cannot wait for the Redcar Bowl show in November. As was said on more than one occasion that night they dont even make the effort to play the songs like Pink Floyd. At least they own up to it early on but their advertising is very misleading. True Floyd fans know the score - and will be at the Bowl to show how they feel. Alan Whitehead

We are now great fans of Shine On, having heard some wonderful things before experiencing you for ourselves. We only have one complaint: how come we didn't find you earlier?

Jim & Elaine Barber

SHINE ON - THANK YOU THANK YOU for a wonderful performance in Hartlepool last night. We had heard good things about your show but really - you took our breath away. There were over a dozen of us sitting together who were going to the Arena to see Australian Floyd but not now - now we have our own Northern Floyd. Goodbye Blue Sky was so moving it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.

Jan & Peter Hathaway

Thank you for a fantastic performance which I had the pleasure to watch in Hartlepool on 11 March. You were the "Pink Floyd" great likeness and sound. I could close my eyes and be at a real floyd gig. Great.

John Stone

I have to say we agree completely with the other sentiments about the Town Hall gig... I saw Aussie floyd show in that very same venue a few years back and it pales by comparison to what we saw on Friday night. Your show is by far the best we have seen... the lasers and lights looked superb but even THEY paled next to the music which was soooooo good.

Philip & Karen White

The advance rumours were, for once, under stated - you were far better than even I had expected, and Im not easily pleased. Great light show - ethereal and evocative - cant wait to see what you have lined up for the City Hall gig. I am now the proud owner of a dozen tickets and we look forward to seeing you then.

Tommy Hanley

Saw you all play at City Hall last Friday.  One of the best gigs I've ever seen - thanks. Rick Mitford

Excellent gig in Barrow last night, even though I was on First Aid duty and not supposed to be watching the show. Tommy (name with held on request)

Thank you so very much for last evening at the Town Hall Theatre - your performance was so outstanding and mesmeric and was a marvelous way for my wife and I to have a belated celebration of our 18th wedding anniversary! All I know is that I was totally "blown away" by the whole evening! Robert McFarlane


hi there i just wondered if u had any plans to return to newcastle city hall soon i seen u the last time u where there and i must say u were better than australian pink floyd and off the wall im checking your web site all the time for new dates  Nikki Roche

Wow!! Hello all just seen you for the second time at the Office south shields and again i was blown away .One of the hardest things i have ever done was to leave hyde park during live 8 BEFORE pink floyd took to the stage because the show over ran and my coach was gonna leave without me (ah regrets) but you made up for it on thursday night.Even better that you are all local people as well a real incentive for the younger and less experienced bands to go the extra mile (or three).Keep up the good work  Graham Hartley

Just wanted to drop you a line thanking you so much for another stunning performance at Hartlepool.As a music lover and PF fan of 20 years+ I appreciate the devotion you guys put into your music. Absolutely awesome – I admire the way you won’t settle for second best. You recreate perfectly the spine tingling bars of which there are many. Peter Dixon

Having just returned home from your Cumby gig - can I just say "F*CK ME". Totally unexpected even though Id heard good reports beforehand. Yours, Humbly Ian Carter

Unelievable night in Darlo last week - you guys rock. C Davies

I had heard all the reports but decided I had to see for myself. I should have listened. I thought my mates were being carried away by the booze and turkish woodbines. Actually I was sober through out and I am so glad - I have a good memory and now that I got your Best of 2005 DVD I can enjoy it even more. Thank everyone for signing it for me please and come back soon. Ed Willoughby

Cant sing your praises high enough after last nights show at the (Hartlepool) Town Hall Theatre. I saw you at Helmsley but was absolutely stunned by this last show - you probably hear it all the time but please dont stop what you have created here. Brian Carpenter

Just need to thank you guys for the very special show at Durham 3 days ago - and for the dedication for my birthday - really made it special. You guys are now the talk of the Uni. M Nelson

Wondrous display of all things Floyd tonight - you guys kick the rest of the so-called Floyd Tribs arse! Shine on SHINE ON!!! Anth & Michelle Farish

Just wanted to contact you and say how much we enjoyed your (Hull) City Hall show tonight. The sound was the best concert sound we have heard for years - totally clear and not just "noise". Far and away the nearest thing we have heard to Pink Floyd and we saw them as far back as 1973. Thank you. C & D Watson

I missed your first appearance at helmsley due to alcohol but was determined to have something to remember this time around - all I can say is Im now kicking myself for missing you first time! We agree to a man that you guys are Pink Floyd! Ken Rostron & the Wear Valley MCC

Hi Shine On! We have just been watching your videos on Google - Man you guys know ur shit - any chance of some US dates? Or how about the DVD? Can we buy the DVD/s that the videos were taken from? Keep up the good work. Saw Roger Waters here (San Francisco) recently and was amazed - but since he and Dave won't play together again we think you guys are the next best thing! Rock on! Jodi & Steve Walters

The Diamonds were beyond reproach in their performance of GREAT GIG IN THE SKY. However much you pay those girls its not enough. Dan Webster

Cant wait for you guys to come back to the City Hall - definitely the best thing to come from the area in a long, long time. Barry Corner